Application Guidelines

Please read the rental agreement before signing the application. It is not necessary to return this copy of the rental agreement. Please return a completed application for each adult (over 18) who will be living at the property along with:

  • a processing fee of $50.00 in CASH or CERTIFIED FUNDS per each applicant.
  • a CHECK for the security deposit (equal to one month’s rent).
  • Any pet fees may be paid with your first month’s rent.
  • A valid email address is REQUIRED to complete the background check. You will be sent an email requesting authorization to release your background information to Mega Agent Rental Management Macon LLC. You must respond to this email for the application and credit report for the application process to continue.

Houses are rented in “AS IS” condition, except as noted on your application. Please be sure to let us know of any condition that would keep you from taking the house “AS IS”.

Mega Agent Rental Management Macon LLC is committed to complying with all applicable fair housing laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, familial status, handicap, military status, sexual orientation, source of income, or order of protection status. Mega Agent Rental Management Macon LLC has established application policies all applicants must meet. Please read the following policies. If you feel you meet the guidelines, we encourage you to submit your application. Applications will be processed in the order they’re received. An incomplete application will not be processed.

General Requirements

  1. A valid government-issued photo identification required.
  2. A complete and accurate application with valid phone numbers. Incomplete applications will be returned.
  3. Each applicant will be required to qualify individually.
  4. Applicant must be able to enter a legal and binding contract.
  5. Incomplete, inaccurate, or falsified information will be grounds for denial.
  6. Any applicant currently using illegal drugs, or reporting a conviction for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will be denied.
  7. Any individual who may pose as a direct threat to the health and safety of an individual, the complex, neighborhood, or the property of others will be denied.
  8. The denial of one applicant will result in the denial of the entire application.
  9. In order to qualify as a co-signer, you must fully meet all areas of the criteria and must have minimum monthly income of five times the stated rent.

Income Requirements

  1. Gross monthly household income must equal two and one-half times the stated monthly rent. If monthly income does not equal two and one-half times the stated monthly rent, a qualified co-signer will be required.
  2. A current paycheck stub from your employer will be required. Verifiable income or liquid assets equal to three times the total annual rent will be required for unemployed applicants. (Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to: bank accounts, spousal support/child support, trust accounts, social security, unemployment, welfare, grants/loans). Your most recent employment and current employment status should be of reasonable length of time and you should demonstrate stability in your employment history. Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous tax return. Self-employed applicants will be verified through the state. A recorded business name or corporate filing will be sufficient to meet verification of employment.
  3. A Guarantor may be requested at our discretion if the applicant is a full-time student, recently independent individual, or has non-garnishable wages. The Guarantor must be in good standing with his or her credit, must demonstrate stable current employment with verifiable income, and must have available assets in the State of Georgia. Identity must be verifiable by a state or must be a federally issued form of identification that includes a photograph.
  4. Application will be denied if the legal source of income cannot be verified.

Rental Requirements

  1. One year of verifiable rental or mortgage history from a current third party is required. Home ownership is verified through the county tax assessor. Mortgages currently reflecting a past due balance will require an additional security deposit equal to one month’s rent. Home ownership negotiated through a sales contract is verified through the contract holder.
  2. Verification of current and past residences include: length of residency, rental amount, payment history, the absence or presence of complaints, the condition of the property upon vacating, the cost of damages incurred, and history of proper notice given regarding intent to move. A stable rental history is expected of all applicants.
  3. Eviction-free rental history is required.
  4. Rental history reflecting past due rent or an outstanding balance will be denied.
  5. If a landlord gives a negative reference or refuses to give a reference, the application will be denied.
  6. Three (3) or more NSF checks within a period of one year will result in a denial.
  7. Rental history demonstrating noise or other documented complaints will result in a denial when the landlord would not re-rent.

Credit Requirements

A credit history showing no negative reports is required. A negative report is considered any non-medical item 60 days past due or greater, collections, repossessions, liens, judgments, or garnishments. A full credit history is prepared on each applicant and Guarantor(s). All applicants and/or guarantor(s) are required to have a minimum credit score of 600. Additionally, the application may not be accepted if the applicant has filed for bankruptcy or with debtor’s court within the last two (2) years. QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR CREDIT HISTORY SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO THE CREDIT BUREAU.

Criminal History

Upon receipt of the rental applications and screening fee, Mega Agent Rental Management Macon will conduct a search of public records through Transunion to determine whether the applicant or any proposed tenant has been convicted of, or pled guilty to, or no-contest plea to any crime.

  1. A conviction, guilty plea ,or no-contest plea ever for any felony involving serious injury, kidnapping, death, arson, rape, sex crimes and/or child sex crimes, extensive property damage, or drug-related offenses (sale, manufacture, delivery or possession), class A/Felony burglary, or class A/Felony robbery; or
  2. A conviction, guilty plea, or no-contest plea where the date of disposition, release, or parole have occurred within the last seven years for any other felony charges; or
  3. A conviction, guilty plea, or no-contest plea where the date of disposition, release, or parole have occurred within the last seven years for any misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor involving assault, intimidation, sex related, drug related (sale, manufacture, delivery or possession), property damage, or weapons charges; or
A conviction, guilty plea, or no-contest plea where the date of disposition, release, or parole have occurred within the last three years for any class B or C misdemeanor in the above categories or any misdemeanors in the above categories or any misdemeanors involving criminal trespass, theft, dishonesty, or prostitution shall be grounds for denial of the rental application. Pending charges or outstanding warrants for any of the above will result in a suspension of the application process until the charges are resolved. Upon resolution, if an appropriate unit is still available, the application process will be completed. Units will not be held awaiting resolution of pending charges.

The application fee is non-refundable once the application process has begun. Any potential problems should be discussed with office personnel when you submit your application. Complete and accurate information will facilitate rapid processing of your application. Any false or omitted information on the application will be considered immediate grounds for rejection of the application. We reserve the right to reject an application for any reason other than race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, familial status, religion, or national origin.